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Einsamkeit - Beitrag in der New York Times gefunden:

By Nicholas Kristof

Opinion Columnist, New York Times

9. November 2019

More than one-fifth of Americans and British people say they are chronically lonely, and this social isolation can be deadly. Researchers find that loneliness is more lethal than either obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Plenty of countries are struggling to figure out how to deal with a “loneliness epidemic” based on this new research, but Britain is actually doing something. It appointed a Minister for Loneliness, so I sat down with her to find out what she does. At first I thought the position was a gimmick, but I left impressed.

I became interested in loneliness while reporting on opioids and suicide, and there are things we can to do address this “loneliness epidemic.” I’d recommend encouraging dog ownership (there’s evidence that dogs, though not cats, reduce loneliness), but Britain is taking other approaches that actually seem to be helping. I hope American and other governments will follow the British example. MF: Die britische Regierung unterstützt Projekte gegen die Einsamkeit finanziell! Fröhliche Grüsse Dein Zuhörer Marcel

Mein Sohn hat diesen Beitrag "gefunden" - herzliche Dank! Idee: such mit - sende mir deine Gedanken und ich "füttere" meinen Blog damit

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